Friday, February 24, 2012

Coupon Buzz... The Coupon Comeback: Are You Missing Out?

February 01, 2012

Recession-era frugality and online and mobile access to coupons has revived the American consumer’s reliance on coupons to meaningfully cut family expenses. Coupon redemption surged 63% last year and couponing resources and blogs are numbering into the thousands. Despite dissolving coupon stigmas and the convenience of online deals, Americans continue to miss out on what could be ostensibly billions more in savings. Last year, $470 billion was offered in coupons to U.S. consumers, and only $4.6 billion or 0.98% of offered savings was actually redeemed. And while $2,504 or 48 times actual redeemed savings was offered to each American adult internet user, only 47% of internet users redeemed a coupon last year.

Obviously, the savings figure depends on a consumer’s current spending habits, the amount of time invested in the search searching for coupons, and which coupons they choose to redeem. But when an hour of smart couponing is estimated to yield about $100 in savings, it makes no sense to miss out on saving on non-negotiable expenses. It’s true that relevant and timely deals can be hard to find: 63% of online couponers report searching up to 10 sites each week and in 2010, adult online coupon users only saved an average of $52.15 each. Online coupons are everywhere; the trouble locating where to find the deals tailored to a shopper’s needs. answers this demand a one-stop shopping dashboard for shoppers to instantly search thousands of retailers and products for the deals they’d otherwise miss out on. Rather than spending hours scouring online for related coupons, consumers can stop here to sign up for email notifications, register and list preferences to make savings easy and inevitable.



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