Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Valence Groupon - Chemical Investment Banking Firm

Mergers and acquisitions are an important part of business and even though the U.S. economy has been struggling for the past three years, M&A are still prevalent. The Valence Group is one company you can trust with many years of experience specializing in chemical mergers and acquisitions both large and small. 
The Valence Group is a specialist chemical investment banking firm that provides financial advisory services exclusively to companies and investors in the chemicals, materials industries and related sectors. They specializes in the merging, unification and interaction of one chemical business with another. With more than 150 closed deals on chemical and related merger and acquisition transactions with a combined value of more than $50 billion, The Valence Group has an experienced and knowledgeable staff of chemical investment bank professionals who know the business and will advise companies on the best way to combine assets and other resources to make any chemical M&A a successful one.
The conomic situation of the past few years has been difficult and the decision to merge or acquire another chemical business is not an easy one to make. The Valence Group is ready to make the decision as trouble- free as possible. The Valence Group has locations in London, New York, and Shanghai and is able to handle deals on a global scale. With its expertise, team of professionals, and record of success, The Valence Group is an excellent choice for chemical investment banking and related services.


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