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What is The main idea of is to make it safe, easier and faster for people to basically make some money for their unwanted and unused gift cards. It's simple, the company will buy gift cards from people who don't want them anymore and then sell gift cards to those who do want them.

Here's How It Works: You first list your card for sale to Consumers can typically get up to 90% cash back for their unwanted gift cards. Or, if you like, you can exchange your card for an Amazon gift card. The nice thing about Amazon gift cards, is that they never expire. GiftCardRescue is quick too... They will mail you a check or exchange card within 48 hours after they have received your card. And, you don't have to worry because guarantees all transaction with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Things to Think About: As a seller, is 70%, 80% or even 90% cash back, a reasonable enough percentage of the cards face value, for you to sell your card? Well, for instance, lets say you're strapped for cash... Isn't it better to get a little something, something rather than just having a gift card that is sitting in your wallet collecting dust? You decide! As a buyer, are the cards a good deal? Well, I was just looking around and found a few gift cards for less, like a $50 Sears gift card for $45, a $50 Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card for $40, and a $100 New York and Company for only $80... I've seen the discount go up to 30% for some cards! The way I look at it is, if you are going to be shopping at one of these particular retailers anyways, then try to pick up a card because you're still saving a little bit of money and like they say, every little penny counts!

The Verdict: In this economy, saving money is key. And, while we all love receiving gift cards and shopping with "free" money, sometimes it comes down to not hurting a friends feeling because they got you a gift card you will never use, or to you needing groceries for that week. What ever the case may be, we all have good intentions when it comes to buying gift card, but when it doesn't work out, offers you a great way to turn those gift cards into cash. How can you argue with that! So, yes!! Great idea, great concept and the website is super easy to navigate through. GiftCardRescue couldn't make buying, selling or exchanging your gift cards any easier.

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