Monday, January 5, 2015

The Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

Product Description

Are you a victim of uncomfortable travel?

Everyone dreads that long airplane flight when they'll be forced to sit upright for half a day, unable to get comfortable and barely capable of keeping their eyes open from the exhaustion of traveling.  Some turn to the traditional U-shaped neck pillows, enduring the embarrassment of wearing what looks like a life preserver, while still not achieving fantastic rest. Others simply nod off, tilting their head from side to side, waking with an unbearable neck kink that will send them to a chiropractor. 

Your time of travel discomfort is over!

Our travel pillow is likely the most comfortable and convenient pillow you'll ever experience. The unique butterfly shape of our pillow cradles the arch in your neck--providing ample support right where you need it, and ditching the bulk where you don't.  Its low-profile design allows you to comfortably relax upright in an airplane without the common claustrophobia that results from a bulky U-shaped pillow.  Unlike most traditional pillows which actually encourage the wearer to tilt their head slightly to one side, the side wings of our pillow design support your head from tilting, while still allowing you to interact with your neighbors.  Also, if you discover that your seat back doesn't provide the support you need, you can use your pillow as a back pillow to reduce strain from long hours of sitting. How many neck pillows do you know of that can double as lumbar support?
The Ultimate Packability

Weighing only 6.2 ounces, you won't be sacrificing any luggage weight to take your pillow with you. The pillow comes packed in a convenient pack sack with an attached carabiner that clips onto your travel bag handle. With its self-inflatable feature, you also won't have to huff and puff to get your pillow ready for use. 

Personalized Comfort

Comfort is not one-size-fits all!  That's why we've designed our Travel Pillow to adjust to the size and support level that you need.  While the pillow is self-inflating, you can also adjust it to your personal preference by deflating or inflating manually until you find the perfect fit for your need--or mood.  Fill it up more for firmer neck support, or let additional air out for a cushier feel.  Most importantly, our luxurious interior foam gives you support without the bouncy, hollow feeling you get from some inflatable pillows. Also-once you find that ideal positioning--pull the pillow's elastic strap over the headrest to secure it where you need it. No more losing that perfect spot each time you shift to talk to someone or pick up something you dropped on the floor.

Quite simply--we're confident you're going to love our pillow! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

My Thoughts

I love to travel, but I will admit, I hate the actual traveling part. I'm not fond of planes, so I do a lot of my traveling by car and I dread those "all-day" car rides. It's hard enough sitting in one place for such a long period time, but to sit basically up right all day and not being able to get comfortable for a little nap is very frustrating. I've done the whole "bring your own pillow" thing, but it's always so much and takes up a lot of room you don't already have. And, I have tried the u-shaped neck pillow, which isn't bad, but I always feel like I'm wearing a life!

I wanted to try out the Air Comfy pillow to see if it was any better than what I have already tried. I loved that it was very compact and easy to travel with. The pillow can self-inflate just by turning a knob. If I needed the pillow to be a little firmer, I was able to blow more air into it. I also loved the shape of the pillow because it cradled my neck and supported my head well, so I wasn't do the "bobble-head" thing... you know what I'm talking about... lol! The pillow was soft, a little wrinkled, but the material didn't have that plastic feel like I thought it would. It does have a strap, making it easy to place on the back of your head rest of your seat. Overall, a good and very convenient pillow to have around while traveling.

If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can purchase the AirComfy Travel Pillow - Inflatable Neck Pillow for Sleeping on Airplanes - Lightweight, Compact, and Packable Car Pillow right now from Amazon!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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