Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trustech Remote Table Fan - Just $56.99 + FREE Shipping w/Prime!

Check out this Trustech Remote Table Fan on Amazon - Just $56.99 + FREE Shipping w/Prime!

Powerful Air Circulation

The 12 inch box fan is able to provide powerful cooling. The efficient motor and five blades enable air to move effectively and keep space well-ventilated. The combination of powerful motor and blades enhances cooling relief in large living or working areas. Our box fan is one of the most effective fans at overcoming summer heat or simply refreshing rooms.

Deliver More Convenience To You

This desk fan is fully assembled with a remote control and electronic push-buttons. It allows you to control time and power levels from far away. You can engage the 12-hour timer, all air speed settings and breeze modes without leaving the comfort of your chair or bed. Extended-range remote control and fan controls of this box fan can be easily engaged and bring more convenience to your life.

3 Speed Levels 3 Breeze Modes

The speed of our portable fan can be adjusted to 3 different level. There are 3 modes of wind. Natural wind mode delivers cool breeze and refreshing feeling to you. Gentle wind will be delivered quietly to you by sleeping mode. This cooling fan will provide you comfortable temperature for sleeping. Normal mode will deliver powerful stream of air continuously. Our table top fan is powered by a rotating grill for maximum cooling effectiveness. Your room can be cooled down efficiently.

Space Saving Design

This portable box fan is a high quality and high performance power fan for home and office. The slim box design takes up less space than other power fans but still maintains high performance of offering relief from the hot weather. The smart and compact design allows it to be placed anywhere on the floor or on any flat surface. Trapezoidal shape of the body makes it stable and not easy to rollover. This box fan weights only around 5 lbs for easy moving or transporting.

  • SIT BACK AND CONTROL IT - Our table fan is an effective tool to help you overcome summer heat and cool down quickly in the hot summer days. This box table fan is assembled with LED display screen, electronic push-button and a large carrying handle. It is easy to be moved around and more convenience can be delivered by the remote control. You can use it to adjust your settings from far away. Just sit back and set the modes and operating time to what you want.
  • HAVE A PEACEFUL SLEEP - There is a timer on this table fan so that you do not need to get up in the midnight to switch it off. The operating time can be set up to 12 hours’ long. You can use this function to adjust the operating time and have a relaxing sleep. Room temperature will be displayed on the screen and you can program the adjustable timer to a suitable number of hours. Sweet dreams and peaceful sleep can be achieved with the help of our bedside table fan.
  • SELECT YOUR LEVEL OF COMFORT - There are 3 different speed settings of this remote control fan and you can adjust the speed of airflow to your preferred level of comfort. Moreover, there are 3 modes of wind. You can choose from cool breeze, refreshing wind and more powerful stream of air. The gentle wind of night will provide you a comfortable temperature for sleeping without causing you to catch a cold while the powerful mode will cool you down quickly.
  • POWERFUL BUT QUIET OPERATION - There are 5 curved blades made with unique cutting process in our portable fan. This revolutionary technology allows wind to flow more smoothly and fast. Unlike traditional fans, aerodynamic design of this box fan can reduce the noise of oscillation. You will hear a whispering sound when it is operating at a high speed and the sound diminishes to zero when it is operating at a low speed. Quiet operation makes it perfect to use while sleeping.
  • EFFICIENT ROTATING GRILL - Our box fan is equipped with a rotating grill and five blades. The rotating grill can cool down the air faster and more efficiently. Wider area can be covered and it helps disperse air throughout the whole room. It increases the speed of airflow and circulate all the air in the room. This circulating feature enables the air flows faster and creates pleasant experience. Our table fan is a perfect choice for cooling relief in large living area.

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